Super Secret Rocket Ship Blueprint Wall Decal - 36" tall x 24" wide

$36.00 USD


Product Description

SIZE: 36" tall x 24" wide
Custom sizes available upon request.

Got a budding Evil Genius about the house? Or perhaps you are one yourself? Well you know the main problem we super evil geniuses face is classy yet sophisticated decor that says - no...that shouts..."I am an Evil Super Genius".

Worry no more - we've begun a collection of decals to do just that. Complete your hidden lair with this lovely "Secret Rocket Blue Print" wall decal. For those who are merely interested in facts this is indeed a blueprint of a Soyuz Rocket - not secret, well not any more at least.

It's ready to adorn the walls of your hideout and impress your evil genius friends when they stop by for tea. Enjoy...yes...enjoy I say!

This particular decal is printed on PhotoTex a lovely vinyl which can be applied, removed and reapplied again...perfect when you have a super hero coming over and you need to be...shall we say...discrete? Remove the plans for this tool for use in your plans of world domination... Chit chat with said goody two shoes then reapply on the wall once they are gone and continue with your nefarious plans.


Can I get a custom size?
Yes, we can customize your design to perfectly fit your space. Contact us prior to purchase, because some size changes can affect the price.

Do you have different color options?
Absolutely. Many of our designs come in multiple color variations. To choose your colors, simply select the ones you need from our color chart on the product listing. If you are interested in a color change to a design that doesn't offer color variations, please contact us prior to purchase.

Can I flip a design?
No problem. Leave us a note at checkout, "Please flip design," and we'll take care of it.

Can I get a rush order?
If you need a rush order (shipped in less than 3 days), please contact us prior to purchase to discuss the options available. Please note that rush orders typically result in an extra charge (Min. $25.00) and a higher shipping rate.

Is it hard to apply your decals?
No, our decals are very easy to apply and remove. To make it even easier, we include a simple instruction sheet in every order. Our decals adhere to any clean, smooth, dry surface: walls, windows, doors, glass, metal, plastic, appliances, and finished wood.

Can I use your decals outdoors?
Yes, our decals are suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor. Customers have put our decals on cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles and other outdoor surfaces. The inks, vinyl, and adhesive are all waterproof and last for three years in full sunlight, and even longer in shaded areas. For best results, the surface must be smooth, clean, and dry when the decals are applied. Also, the temperature needs to be above 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) at the time they are applied.

Will the decals damage my walls?
No. As long as your wall is smooth, clean, and undamaged the decals will not harm the surface when they are removed.

What about applying decals to painted surfaces?
Wait 7-10 days before applying any wall decals to freshly painted surfaces.

What if I’m not happy with my order?
We're committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations. If a problem arises we will promptly respond and do our best to solve it.

Since 2001 we've sold over 50,000 decals worldwide. Our decals have been used in everything from large custom commercial projects to decorating a child’s room. Our goal is for each job to lead to another, either from re-orders or word-of-mouth referrals. We keep this goal in mind for every job we do, no matter how large or small. We want to make you a satisfied customer, so you’ll keep us in mind anytime you need decals, and you’ll tell others about our beautiful products and amazing customer service!

Super Secret Rocket Ship Blueprint Wall Decal - 36" tall x 24" wide Super Secret Rocket Ship Blueprint Wall Decal - 36" tall x 24" wide

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